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This website provides information and updates on planning initiatives currently underway to bring about large-scale and community wide organics composting operations in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The VI Composting Committee, which is currently a part of the broader EPA-facilitated VI Recycling Partnership, is playing a key role in developing sound planning strategies for composting operations on both St. Croix and St. Thomas. Planning materials developed by the Composting Committee, minutes of meetings, and a variety of technical resources and information about composting operations being planned may be found here.


Large Scale Organic Materials Composting  (North Carolina State University publication)

VI Composting Preliminary Planning Info.

Composting Operations Estimated Costs In-Progress

Download the latest DRAFT_USVI_SMM_Ordinance_12-18


anuary Webinar

Organics - Food Waste Composting - Does it add up?



Composted products from those operations would be of two types:
1) Composted product that is usable for edible crops and gardens; and
2) Composted product usable for non-edibles, such as nurseries, trees, lawns, etc.


Based on a 2009 study of all municipal solid waste produced in the VI, we anticipate that these composting operations should be able to process at least about 40-50% of the VI's total municipal solid wastes.


Composting offers a sustainable and cost-effective way of beneficially reusing about half of our municipal solid wastes, while creating jobs and producing valuable soil amendments we'll otherwise have to continue importing to the VI.

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